Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movement in 0 second?

Once Einstein said that if we plot the graph of distance traveled against the time taken, it will show a continuous line. Is it possible to move from a distance to another in 0 second??

I believe it is possible, because imagine you plot the graph in a piece of paper. Then, you're able to fold the paper by yourself right? Which means it is possible to move if there is a power from outside the region of space and time to proceed the case.

Who can do those things is God who is independent of space and time.

Isentropic Heat Engine

One of the reasons that there are exergy destroyed in a heat engine is the increased pressure in the cylinder is wasted at the cylinder wall (energy absorbed from pressure at piston but loses at wall). If we can direct the pressure to the piston (piston will experience very high pressure while the wall experience no pressure exered), full power will be generated. This condition will absolutely break the Pascal Law which means nearly an impossible process. Just an imagination though.